Rooftop Solar Hot Water Systems

With roof mounted systems, the tank is located directly above the collector panels. The thermosiphon principle is based on two naturally occurring phenomena – dark objects absorb heat and hot water rises.

Hot water is lighter than cold water, so it naturally flows up into the tank (or rather gets pushed up by the colder water sinking down).

Water flow happens through the mains pressure. As hot water is taken out (from the top), new cold water flows in and gets heated up in the panels.

Using these natural physical laws makes this system reliable and cheap to run. The disadvantages are that you may not like the look of the tank on the roof.

There are also some situations where the hot water would need to travel a long way before reaching your shower. In such cases, a lot of water is wasted and we recommend a split solar hot water system.

The tank and panels are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of between 5 and 10 years depending on the brand. Installation and other parts are warranted for 12 months.

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Hot Water Options

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A single occupancy dwelling can be serviced adequately by a 100L system.

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A unit or apartment with 2 occupants will require a 180L heating system.

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To handle all the needs of a growing family, we advise at least a 300L system.

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